Sitemap - 2023 - pnote

Read fewer books, feel better about it

Fire and smoke: projects that wouldn't come to be

Link drop is all you need: a Parisian masterclass in minimalism

Magical, but not magic: peeking inside a neural network

Time is the thing: AI-powered, occasionally incorrect calendar events

The language superpower: running out of wine is not an emergency

Made for role-playing: Captain Cliché debuts on the GPT chatbot platform

Paint it black: mapping Space Invader mosaics in Paris

Learning from disaster: what happened to James Kelly

OpenAI vs Midjourney: DALL-E 3 enters the picture

Dispatch from Kyiv: travel to Ukraine, drones and first-aid kits

Space Invaders: Teaching a neural network to recognize street art

Ticket to ride: from Paris to Kyiv

Fact or fiction? Spicy email content turns out bogus

My circus, my monkeys: calling on Bard to make sense of one chaotic email inbox

Turing Test: Marcel the helpful bot needs to get better

Can it handle time? The quest for a perfect Saturday

Plot twists: the rejected thesis of Kurt Vonnegut meets GPT-4

Captain Cliché, AI that only responds in platitudes

Are we living in a simulation?

Chelsea Hotel and the cartography of Leonard Cohen

Remixing album covers

The disconnected vacation

AI-based festival advice (how I ended up at Penetrator)

The act and the algorithm: 1500 theater shows in Avignon

Lifelogging: developing my self-obsession one data point at a time

The right words

Economics of distraction

AI at the Paris doorstep

The artist trapped in a chat interface

Extinction from AI

Writing, inspiration and Steinbeck's hangover

Conjuring a robot proofreader

The Lasagna Query